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Farley Garlett
Director of Community Engagement


Mr Farley Garlett has many years of high-level experience in local and national indigenous governance committees.

Farley was born in Bruce Rock WA and raised in Balladong country by his grandfather.

Most of Farley’s schooling years in Primary and Secondary were in Merredin and Quairading.

He left school at the age of 14 and got his first job on a farm.

Farley’s also worked for the Mains Road Department in Kununurra and Carnarvon as a machinery driver,

Farley moved to Perth due to his mother’s illness and worked on the Railways.

During his working years in Perth Farley felt that he could engage with disadvantage minority groups of people on the Streets in Northbridge.

He worked as a Manager at the Palmerston Men’s night shelter and soup kitchen.  Whilst working in these roles, Farley was sponsored to attend a law and order conference in Cairns which allowed him to venture into a meaningful career path.

Farley had an active role with the Education Department and worked as an Aboriginal Liaison Officer for 7years at the Cyril Jackson school in Ashfield. Youth at risk.

Farley shared his knowledge of the Midland Aboriginal community and conducted numerous workshops for the Midland Redevelopment Authority. He also had an active role with the Shire Swan Aboriginal reference group.

The Midland Aboriginal community supported Farley and nominated him for ATSIC regional councillor in which he was elected to become the chairperson for WA.

Farley was later elected as ATSIC National Commissioner.  Whilst in his ATSIC role he was on the Kings Park Board as a Ministerial Appointee.

He has many years of experience as a Key note speaker on matters that impacted on the lives of Aboriginal people.

Prior to his retirement, Farley ventured his career in the Mining sectors where he was employed as an Aboriginal Relations Advisor with Newmont Gold for 7 years and Cliff Asia Pacific as Heritage Advisor and Employment Manager.

Currently Farley is an Executive Committee member with the Nyoongar Outreach Services Incorporated, a role that he has maintained for 12 years either as a chairperson or Vice chairperson.  He also is on the board for MBAC housing.