You need to be registered with the Department of Housing. The two questions you will be asked when registering with Department of Housing is:

  1. Do you identify as Aboriginal? You must tick YES to this to be considered for NMM
  2. Are you happy to have your information shared with Community Housing Organisations? You must tick YES to this

This then enables you to be registered with Community Housing which includes NMM, Foundation, Access Housing, Aboriginal Housing and broadens your opportunity to getting housed.

Once this is done you are automatically registered with NMM. When we have a house available for the region / area you have been approved for and it has the appropriate number of bedrooms, Noongar Mia Mia go through the Department of Housing and request a list of applicants.

Give us a call and we can look at your reason for being declined. We will take down your details and investigate for you.

If you work full time, you are unfortunately not eligible for Community Housing, but we can potentially put you on a waitlist for Working Families. Give us a call and we can see what we can do for you.

Because we are a small community housing company and have a low turn-over period we do not have a waitlist. For example, Department of Housing have thousands of properties in all regions so they have a high turn over, whereas NMM only have around 80 properties.