Mia Moort

Advocacy & Research

Noongar Mia Mia is currently engaged in evidence-based research culminating in the Noongar Housing First Principles and Cultural Framework.

This research is a much-needed cultural adaptation of the Housing First Principles of Australia to develop cultural security and better serve Aboriginal clients living on Noongar country.

The research by Noongar Mia Mia is applied throughout the work we do, including our work with rough sleepers and tenants.

This is one of very few examples of Aboriginal-specific Housing First research projects worldwide, and we are sharing our findings and methods with other Indigenous communities.

We contributed to the Department of Communities’ Housing Strategy Working Group, supporting Improved Aboriginal Wellbeing being included as a priority area, and addressed effectively, in the WA Homelessness Strategy. Our Managing Director Tina Pickett is now Co-Chair of the Implementation of the Homelessness Strategy Working Group.

Read the WA Homelessness Strategy here.

In addition, our Immediate-Past Chairperson Gordon Cole is also a Board Member of Shelter WA, helping to amplify awareness and understanding of Aboriginal homelessness.

Our Work