For over 20 years, we’ve delivered a unique, vital service.

Noongar Mia Mia is an Aboriginal-led Community Housing Provider servicing Noongar boodja; we’re also the only organisation of our kind servicing the Perth metro area, where one-third of WA’s entire Aboriginal population lives.

The peak housing body for WA’s Aboriginal community.

With over 20 years of hands-on experience, helping Aboriginal people and their families find a secure tenancy, we’re a highly respected Community Housing Provider (CHP).

As Perth’s only CHP that’s an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation, we provide culturally appropriate support, enhancing wellbeing and cultivating sustainable tenancies.

With Aboriginal people providing Aboriginal-led solutions, we offer unique support. We don’t just provide houses and safe places  – we advocate for our people through a unique model of culturally-secure housing provision, property management and tenancy support services.

“I am so grateful to Noongar Mia Mia for housing me. Noongar Mia Mia have made the transition for me and the grandchildren so easy.”


A Cultural Approach to Tenancy and Housing.

Our approach involves three interconnected areas – housing provision, property management and tenancy support.

Our service is needed because Property management in the mainstream market usually focuses almost exclusively on the property, not the people living within it.

This is fundamentally incompatible with Aboriginal cultural systems – particularly in terms of letting kin stay. Instead, Noongar Mia Mia’s approach puts culture front-and-centre, understanding that kinship is a source of strength to our community. Our people have the right to practice cultural obligations, and so we work with people to help minimise eviction risk factors.

Our support also includes assisting with (and sometimes simply reminding tenants of) their maintenance obligations around their property.

In addition to tenancy support, Noongar Mia Mia also provides culturally-secure support for rough sleepers, acting as an immediate frontline support rather than waiting on limited housing resources.

In addition, we conduct best-practice research into cultural tenancy factors and then feed that information back into our work, whilst sharing the findings with other service providers to build capability within the broader community housing sector.

Moorditj Mia have been my only support system that I have I call them if I’m stressed, if I’m down, if I need help with something…

I have no family and it has comforted me knowing I have Leticia there supporting me and my children.”

– Former rough sleeper supported by the Moorditj Mia Aboriginal Housing First Support Service

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NAIDOC Perth Awards

  • 2022 Community Person of the Year (Runner-Up) – Sandra Harben
  • 2016 Program of the Year – Intensive Family Support Housing Program
  • 2014, 2010 Business of the Year

Excellence in Indigenous Health Awards

  • 2012 Finalist (Environmental Health)

Indigenous Governance Awards

  • 2010 – Highly Commended

Pro Bono Impact 25 Awards

  • 2022 Finalist – Sandra Harben

UNAA-WA UN Day Awards

  • 2021 Finalist, Human Rights Category – Gordon Cole (Chair)

We target eviction risk factors

Serving some of the most vulnerable members in our community, we assist people to thrive by creating their own solid foundations.

The causes of Aboriginal homelessness are intersectional, including spiritual homelessness, intergenerational trauma, forced family separation, rental discrimination and job market discrimination.

Our culture-first approach, with one-on-one intensive support, helps our clients navigate the mainstream system.