Moorditj Mia

Aboriginal Housing First Support

Our qualified team of Support Workers are on the front line of homelessness, engaging with Aboriginal people who are rough sleeping on the streets of Perth.

Moorditj Mia is led by Noongar Mia Mia, in partnership with Wungening Aboriginal Corporation, and is supported by the Department of Communities.

Our aim is to end rough-sleeping for Aboriginal people. Moorditj Mia offers a suite of culturally competent services, including:

  • Connecting rough sleepers with local services suitable to their cultural and personal needs
  • Assist in the search for suitable accommodation
  • Help tenants seek culturally-secure support by actively collaborating with key service partners, including Wungening Aboriginal Corporation and the Department of Communities
  • Ultimately, create long-term culturally secure pathways from homelessness to home ownership

In Noongar language, Moorditj Mia means Strong Home’. 

Moorditj Mia uses the systems of community, family and kinship, lore and relational systems to facilitate more effective service delivery.

Moorditj Mia Case Studies. Image shown is of casework Joshua with former rough sleeper Maree, who is holding her son.
Our Success Stories

“Moorditj Mia have been my only support system that I have. I call them if I’m stressed, if I’m down, if I need help with something. I really couldn’t have [gotten off the streets] without the support of Moorditj Mia.

Leticia has always said yes I can do that yes I can help you with that . She has listened to my problems given me advice helped me out when I asked every time I would be lost without her.

I have no family and it has comforted me knowing I have Leticia there supporting me and my children. It made my kids day getting Christmas presents from Leticia.”

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